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  • February 21, 2013
  • By Lance
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Butterfly Bar Tribeza Review

Approachable, casual, with a little bit of vintage glamour all wrapped in one. That is how I would describe Emily Flemming-Nash’s newest place and my new favorite hangout, The Butterfly Bar. I was sad to see her coffee shop Emerald City Press close, but I’m glad to see that this cozy and chic bar is as friendly as her former shop. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on why you like a place, but I find the combination of the relaxed outdoor courtyard with the rich indoor bar a perfect combo. And it’s pretty sweet to see the same people working there that served me coffee almost every morning for the past couple of years. I have a feeling they will soon remember my favorite drink (just bubbly) like they did my standard morning coffee, served up with a smile and a song.

I think The Butterfly Bar has one of the best playlists in town — there is always something on that makes you boogie a little bit while you order your favorite libation. And I can already foresee a lot of dancing happening on the outdoor deck later in the spring and summer when the weather begs for drinks on ice, either in flip flops or high heels. Details always make the difference, and The Butterfly Bar does not disappoint, offering up drinks in distinctive glassware, showering the indoor space with flattering lamp lighting and presenting conversation-stirring cocktail tables for long evenings with friends. The way the bar opens up to the outside is pretty special, and it showcases one of the best things about living in Austin — the weather is so great, we can almost always bring the outside in.

My favorite touch however is the lights strung about in the courtyard — they make you feel like you are in a magical storybook tale, with the inside bar being the rich and cozy chair you might be reading it from. And I’m sure a place like The Butterfly Bar will provide an enchanting new setting for all kinds of tales, big and small, those imagined and realized.

Elizabeth Gibson is the owner of Eliza Page jewelry boutique in the 2nd Street District, which features independent jewelry collections.

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